Shifu is your smart friend who lives in your Smartphone. It observes when and how you use your phone. It knows what important things needs your attention and when is the right time to show them to you.

Shifu reminds to do things which are important to you. Right from reminding you to call your friends on their birthday to return those long pending phone calls. From visiting your favorite coffee shop when you visit that part of town to uploading those picture from vacation when you hit the Wi-Fi. To calling your mom when you have 5 minute of free time. Shifu reminds things which you otherwise would have missed and it do it without being intrusive. Shifu is the Sidekick you always wanted.

Do watch the video embedded above to get an Idea how Shifu can make you get more from your time and Turn you into a superhero of time management and productivity.

Give Shifu a try and tell us how it has helped you. We are eager to listen your experience.

About Us

Shifu is built with love by a team passionate about smartphone and their potential to enhance the quality of lives and help us navigate our day little more efficiently. We are based in India. If you ever come to this part of world do come to our office. We are always happy to meet users of our product.

Prashant Singh       Co Founder & Custodian ( Product & Partnerships )

Prashant is the Product Guy at Signals. He loves thinking about what awesome things you can do with Shifu. He is never too tired to grab a marker and draw a workflow on the whiteboard. We have read his secret diary and we know that he believes that in his past life he was a Ninja or a Zen monk. Well we don't know what he was in his past life but in this life before starting Signals, he was heading product and partnerships at a leading app publisher in India and helped develop a portfolio of Apps which got more than 50 Million downloads. When he is not thinking about Smartphones and Shifu, he loves to cook, travel and write poetry. Whenever someone breaks a build or writes some buggy code then we make him listen to Prashant's poetry. It never fails to improve the quality of code next time .


Michael Massey       Co Founder & Custodian ( Server & Analytics )

Michael is the guy behind all the server side magic you see in Shifu. Whenever Shifu surprises you with an intelligent recommendation you know who to thank. He loves analyzing data and is obsessed about optimizing algorithms. That's his dope. When he is not thinking of server , algorithms, statistics and optimization he loves to spend his time playing his favorite tune on a guitar and playing ping pong. Michael has, in his possession a secret oriental ointment which makes him look way too younger than his age. More than once, people have accused Signals of child labor because of this. We asked him more than once to share the magical cream but he never does that.


Deepansh Jain       Co Founder & Custodian ( Client Side Development )

Deepansh is the guy behind our awesome client app of Shifu. He takes care of all the app development and other client side initiatives at Signals. Next time you find yourself gasping at the sleekness and efficiency of our app. Please close your eyes and send a Thank you wish to his name. He loves to write code and tons of it but more than that he loves fixing other people's code. When he is not working on Shifu, then he spends his time reading and writing on various tech and programming forums. If you are an app developer who frequents popular programing forums, chances are that you would have most probably seen an answer written by him. He also possess an encyclopedic knowledge about the make and prices of Cars and Automobiles. Our biggest fear is that one day we will drive in a car designed by him which will run on X bits and will be super efficient but will take 2 minutes to start because it's "compiling".